FEI Extends ChemiSTEM Technology to Enable Atomic-level Spectroscopy

Atomic-level EDX spectroscopy of Strontium Titanate (SrTi03); individual atomic positions of the crystal structure can be easily distinguished by their chemical signal (red is Strontium, green is Titanium). Images are based on raw data, with no signal post-processing, and the individual atomic column positions in the structure are visible and clearly distinguished from their neighbors with very high contrast and signal-to-noise quality.

 The sampling of these atomic-level chemical maps is 0.075 Angstroms per pixel, the highest sampling density obtained so far by any atomic spectroscopy technique using scanning/transmission electron microscopy (S/TEM).

 These chemical maps were acquired in just minutes on a Titan(tm) G2 60-300 S/TEM with ChemiSTEM(tm) Technology.

Learn more about this exciting breakthrough at fei.com/chemiSTEM

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