Introducing Versa™ 3D DualBeam™ (FIB/SEM)

Building on the history and success of FEI’s pioneering DualBeam, low vacuum and ESEM™ expertise, FEI introduces the most versatile DualBeam instrument to date. The Versa 3D offers state-of-the-art imaging and analytical performance to deliver a greater range of 3D data from even your most challenging samples.

Versa 3D’s highly configurable platform allows customers to adapt the system’s capabilities to their specific requirements. The high vacuum-only version is ideal for routine conductive or coated samples. An alternative version, combining high and low vacuum modes, gives the flexibility to work with a range of samples including uncoated, non-conductive samples. Optional ESEM mode allows electron beam imaging of uncoated, non-conductive or naturally hydrated samples and supports in situ analysis and dynamic experimentation.

In high vacuum mode, the high current Focused Ion Beam (FIB) enables fast material removal and low voltage clean-up for low-damage surface finishing. Gas chemistries are available for depositing materials or further enhancing the FIB milling rate or selectivity. Nonconductive samples are easily milled with the automated Drift Suppression milling mode which is also supported in the optional AutoSlice and View™ G3 software; for collecting serial slice electron images in both high and low vacuum after high vacuum FIB slicing. Automation can be extended to gather EDS or EBSD data from successive slices. With advanced automation, Versa 3D can acquire images at high vacuum, low voltage and use high or low vacuum for higher voltage imaging and analysis, optimizing conditions for each detector to enhance 3D data segmentation for quantitative 3D reconstruction.

The ultra-large chamber allows addition of a variety of accessories and detectors to support a broad range of imaging and analytical techniques, accessing information from every angle. The new widescreen display provides additional imaging area to view results. New software (SmartSCAN™ and DCFI™) and electronics offer even greater imaging stability for increased performance in all operating modes. Developments in field emission electron source technology ensure clear, sharp electron images as well as increased electron beam current for enhanced EDS, WDS and EBSD analysis.

With Versa 3D the choice is yours to optimize the system for conductive samples in high vacuum; non-conductive samples with low vacuum; or expand the horizons of research to dynamic applications.

Key Benefits
  • DualBeam functionality to examine surface and sub-surface areas of any sample (sample modification at the nm and um scale)
  • Combination of high current FIB cutting/deposition and low voltage FIB cleaning to quickly cut/deposit materials and produce the highest quality, low damage sample surfaces
  • High quality TEM and atom probe sample preparation with low voltage cleaning for atomic level study by TEM/atom probe
  • Full complement of software* to perform advanced tasks like 3D volume slicing for characterization, sample preparation and prototyping from CAD or image files
  • Flexibility of electron beam vacuum configuration for examining conductive samples in high vacuumonly or conductive and non-conductive samples in high and low vacuum configured system
  • Auto Slice and View G3* enables 3D characterization of a wide range of materials types with a suite of detectors* to obtain information from every angle
  • ESEM* option enables dynamic experiments involving gas* and thermal control

Learn more about the Versa 3D at

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