See the article “Venturing into the Fourth Dimension” by FEI’s Robert Snyder, and learn how recent and future advancements in electron microscopy are enabling high-resolution 4D Imaging.

Any prediction about the future of imaging really must begin with a look at some of the most signifi cant recent advances. Nowhere is this truer than electron
microscopy, which has seen dramatic progress in fundamental capabilities in recent years. While these advances are important in and of themselves, their significance is multiplied by the application ofthe greatly enhanced computational power that has also become available. Fundamental advances in imaging capability will remain important, but it is likely that the most dramatic progress will result from the application of advanced computational techniques  to analyze and visualize data from dynamic processes. This is especially true in the life sciences, where electron microscopy is allowing researchers to explore the
relationships between structure and function from the level of cells and tissues down to the molecular processes that constitute life itself.

Read the rest of the article on Lab Equipment website

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